Patrick McIntire

Restoring Government by the People


Hello, I am Patrick McIntire, and I am running for State Senate District 11. 


I am a Colorado Springs native, a husband, father, and small business owner.

I am running for state Senate because I am a passionate believer in community representation in politics. We choose our elected officials to be our representatives of the community at the capitol, and sadly that is not what is happening right now. As I campaign I talk to far too many people who either feel misrepresented, or completely unrepresented by their current state legislators. 

My friends, we have in front of us the opportunity to change that. 

Senate District 11 can be a bold first step in a revolution to restore true representative politics to its rightful place in our political system. In order to make real change possible, we cannot afford to elect more of the status quo with another long-term politician looking to pad his political resume. 

The path to change is by electing ordinary people who are willing to be our voice at the state capital. Friends, I am asking you for the immense privilege of being that voice. I understand the weight of carrying the responsibility and I am asking you for the honor of working, and fighting for the values of our community. 

Will you help us?



(719) 210-8415



1321 Wood Ave, #7
Colorado Springs, CO




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